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Sing Chuck, Sing!

My Band (Sing Chuck, Sing!) was formed at Chalice Brewing

in November of 2022 and consist of Chuck Johnson (Vocals/Bass), Brad Freeman (Drums),  Brandon Meyer (Lead Guitar) and Myself (Vocals Guitar). We play at Chalice Brewing every Wednesday and every first Thursday of the month at Bottle Joy . We also feature a different different musician every week. Check out my gig schedule on Wednesdays to see who is coming up! Just like my solo gigs, we take request. Check bellow for the song lists!


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Sing Chuck Sing_Song List-01.jpg
Sing Chuck Sing_Song List-02.jpg

Give me Three Steps
Lynyrd Skynyrd
at Live After Five in CDA


Ain't No Rest 
Cage the Elphant
Oktoberfest CDA


Summer of  69
Brian  Adams
at Live After Five in CDA


Go to hell
Orignal Tune
Oktoberfest CDA


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